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About ECS

Experts In Composites That Always Deliver As Promised

A trusted supplier to customers we’ve served for more than 10 years


Express Composite Solutions was
born out of Formula 1

... where ultra-fast turnaround from suppliers to specification is as important as delivering to the schedule promised.  Our founders, Andy Collins and David Damsell, were frustrated by their teams being let down by suppliers, so ECS was formed to consistently deliver for these most-demanding of clients.  That’s why dependability and always doing what we say we’ll do, when we say we’ll do it remains the guiding ethos to this day.

In fact, a leading F1 team & global automotive OEM has awarded us a rolling 12-month average Quality Score of 100%*, with zero Non-Conformance Reports or Concessions, and we continue to be a trusted supplier to F1 teams we’ve served for over 10 years.

*Data correct as of October 2021

We remain in our Silverstone location at the heart of global motorsport

... as this central location means we’re well placed to efficiently serve industries across the whole of the UK.

We’ve taken our over 75 years combined experience of patterns, moulding and non-metallic machining, and applied that know-how across multiple industries, from wind tunnels, scale models and motorsport, to white goods, handheld devices and medical orthotics.

Our approach is co-create solutions to our customers’ challenges, adapting to the unique needs of the project.  Plus, we always give direct access to the technical team to enable quicker changes and queries to be resolved.  All of this is to ensure your project progresses as rapidly as possible from concept to production.

What’s more, we know how important fast-turnaround remains to many of our customers, and we can achieve handover in as little as 24 hours when needed to meet your schedule.  All of our machines are 5-axis to create the spare capacity to meet these demands, whilst having the capability to deliver highly complex designs without compromise to quality.

How to get in touch

We know how important it is to protect your IP.  Whatever your needs and industry, all enquiries are treated with discretion.

Call us today on 01327 855522 to discuss your project in full confidence.

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Here's What Our Customers Say

"ECS give us fast turnaround and accuracy, at the right price."

- James Newman, Engineering Director, J-Tec Composite Solutions Ltd

"ECS give us fast turnaround and accuracy, at the right price."

- James Newman, Engineering Director, J-Tec Composite Solutions Ltd

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