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Fast Turnaround Projects, Delivered Through The ECS Problem Solving Approach

ECS provide a wide range of services to help customers quickly prove viability of their complex product designs, or produce low-volume composite and non-metallic components to demanding specifications.

Our equipment is also ideal for reverse engineering surfaces so you can continue production of legacy components, or fit new parts to existing surfaces.

Whichever service you choose, we enjoy using our expertise to co-develop challenging designs, and turn-around projects in record time.  And once the project is agreed, we’ll always do what we say we’ll do, when we say we’ll do it.

Explore our full range of services below, or call today on 01327 855522 to talk through your project.

Moulds & Patterns

We work closely with you to produce complex moulds and patterns to meet your volume and development stage needs, giving you confidence in your design and process prior to higher volume production.

Our three 5-axis machines are all fitted with both rotary and linear encoders, enabling us to produce advanced designs whilst ensuring tight tolerances are maintained.  Our linear scale encoders reduce the need for regular recalibration, increasing our capacity to meet your demanding timescales.

Prior to handover, each item is inspected by our 7-axis laser scanning arm to produce full-coverage surface inspection reports. This eliminates the risk of localised inaccuracies and saves you precious time undertaking your own inspection.

Composite Trimming

Our composite trimming service is there to finish your items to the final shape requirements.

We use design-met jigs to give you accuracy and repeatability beyond human capability, giving you the exact specification you need, cost-effectively at volume.

Non-Metallic Machining

Covering a variety of materials including nylon, acrylic, plastic, Aquacore and Rohacell, we’ll produce parts to exactly the specification you require, saving you time and money by avoiding rework.

3D Printing

Our 3D printing capability is in place to create bespoke moulds, components and inlays with the strength, stiffness and durability properties you require.

Not only is this a fast and cost-effective way to give proof of concept for small parts, but it’s an ideal approach for creating complex 3D components with strengths to match aluminium, or for enclosing metallic inserts during manufacture.

CAD Design

Our CAD design capability is there to help make your concept a reality.

It allows us to inspect customer drawings to optimise for manufacture, whilst supporting customers that need external expertise to produce CAD and CAM from initial concepts.

Reverse Engineering

We use our 7-axis laser scanner to measure full surface geometry with very high levels of accuracy.

This reverse engineering capability serves two key purposes.  Firstly, it’s perfect when additional production volume is need for old parts that have missing CAD drawings.  And secondly, it enables third-party A-surfaces to be measured so that new components can be accurately retro-fitted (e.g., adding a spoiler to a sports car).


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